Creating an Indie Game

29 Jun 2012 » Creating an Indie Game

Creating an Indie Game



Operating System I Use

22 Mar 2012 » Operating System I Use


(Ubuntu - Unity) + Gnome Shell

Main Reason: Libre/Free

Sub Reason: Fast and It Just Works (Cause I’m using It)

My History

2005 - My cousin NEO gave me a Hoary Hedgehog 5.04 CD - did not test it cause I was a gamer using the other brand.

2006 - Using The Other Brand NT and XP

2007 - Fedora and Suse (Novell and Dataworld Invited our school to participate on compiling and running apache, squid and dns server on a new 64bit machine then» We Lost « :( ) -> one of the speaker ask who among as knows ubuntu and using it then pop I have a CD? —-

2008 - Using Ubuntu @work on CICT Commission on Information Communication Technology Project Using Edubuntu and teaching Instructors and Student To Use it.

2009 - Developing PHP Project Completely Uninstalled The Other Brand First Year Using Ubuntu

2010 - Still Using Ubuntu

2011 - Still Using Ubuntu and Alternative Distrus base on it like Elementary OS cause of VALA PL

2012 - Currently Using Ubuntu 11.10 Cause its March and 12.04 is Due @ end of April

 June - Shift to Linux Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon waiting for ElementaryOS Luna

To be continue …


Technology I Use

::Programming Langauages
 ::Main Weapons

::Design Tools
 ::Main Tools
  :Adobe Fireworks
  :Adobe Photoshop
  :Adobe Illustrator

Indie Games